Zubair is in a tell-all mode
If the volley of abuses and disgusting display of slut-shaming, chauvinism and homophobic was not enough for the first week, we have more drama in store for fans of Bigg Boss 11. Zubair Khan has filed a complaint against Salman Khan at the Antop Hill police station for abusing and intimidating him. The filmmaker called media outside his home where he lashed out against the channel, which he says fabricated a false identity about him. Talking EXCLUSIVELY to Bollywood Life, Zubair said, “I am not Haseena Parkar’s son-in-law. I had told the channel about my life, which went in disarray after a news report that claimed I was Dawood Ibrahim’s late sister’s son-in-law. I had submitted my family details on the form given to me. My wife’s name is Sana Khan and we are separated. I have kids who are living away from me. I told them this story about my kids but this Haseena Parkar angle came as a shock.”
The filmmaker also opened up on the flak he received for abusing women on the show. “They have 100 hours of footage with them. The team have only showed the portions where I abused. They did not show the reasons why I abused. Arshi Khan was talking shit about religion, sexuality right left and centre. I could not tolerate it and burst out. No one telecast that. It is a given when you sign the contract that you have to abuse and fight with people but what has happened with me is unfair. I want the Lonavala cops to see the video and decide,” says Zubair. He also said that he requested for a dialogue with Salman Khan post the eviction but he was denied that.
Zubair says that he is a law-abiding citizen with no connection to the underworld. The Antop Hill resident says he is a man of modest means and nowhere does his lifestyle reflect any underworld connections. “I have not uttered Dawood Ibrahim’s name, forget scaring people with my so-called links. I don’t know what kind of pressure Salman Khan was under to evict me. He might be scared of dons but I am not. We know that the underworld finances Bollywood projects, even his film Chori Chori Chupke Chupke was financed with underworld money. Recently, we heard how Haseena Parkar’s makers were under the scanner. I was shocked to hear Sameer Antulay’s statements in the media about the family and me. My image has been maligned. They were not letting me exit the house, so I consumed extra dose of sleeping pills. This is so uncalled for,” says Zubair.

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