The actor along with his sensational bond girl reveal why their film is called Fever…
Rajeev Khandelwal’s Fever has hit the screens and the movie has generated interest in the audience. The movie is Bollywood debut of ex Bond girl, Caterina Murino and Rajeev will be seen romancing not one but three ladies in the movie. He will share some steamy scenes with Caterina, Gemma Atkinson who is a British actress and Gauahar Khan. Bollywoodlife caught up with Caterina and Rajeev recently and it was one interesting conversation. Rajeev’s charm made me go weak in my knees while Caterina’s friendly vibe put me at ease. So without wasting much time, read on to find out about their upcoming film Fever and much more….

Rajeev, we usually say two is a company and three is crowd. But you will differ with us considering you romance three ladies in the movie. Right?

Three wasn’t the crowd for me but was my world. It was a brilliant experience. It’s not just about three women and me romancing them. I was in the company of three extremely beautiful women. Gauahar as we all know is very bold, speaks her own mind and has her opinion. Gemma and Caterina are people who are not from India but are more Indian than anyone could be. They were just as Indian as us except for the fact that they didn’t speak Hindi. In fact I think, I spent more time off screen with Gemma and Caterina. We went out, chill together, played pranks and even pulled each other’s legs. It was a good experience and it felt like the world has shrunk and become a small place with no boundaries.

After your choices like Aamir, Soundtrack, Table no 21 and now Fever, should we say that you are purposely trying out different genres?

No I don’t do anything on purpose. Most of the people think that I have a game plan and I think a lot but it’s all untrue. I don’t have any game plan. I purely go by my instincts. I just do things what my heart says to do. So all my previous movies are ones that have good content and storyline unlike any other typical Bollywood movie, though you need to have immense talent for them as well. My previous movies have international appeal. So if you show them to someone in any part of the world, they will still relate to it. Even Fever would be something where people will relate to it.

Caterina, what made you chose Fever as your Bollywood debut considering it isn’t any typical Bollywood movie?

Of course, I didn’t have thousands of requests from Bollywood. I had one after Casino Royale but unfortunately it didn’t happen. But even that one was not a typical Bollywood movie like dance and classical culture. I have to be realistic and understand that I don’t speak Hindi. It would be difficult for me to be a part of this Bollywood circle. Hence, Fever was the perfect choice.

Nowadays, movies are getting leaked online. Does it concern you?

Rajeev: Ya that’s an area of concern. Who would like their movie getting leaked online before release? I can only appeal to people who will watch movie and not one’s who are perpetrators. I would just request people to be with us and not take away our year’s efforts. If they cannot watch it on screen , they should wait for sometime and watch it on television but don’t kill the movie by watching it pirated.

So why Fever? What is the connection of this name with movie?

Rajeev: Fever is the angst within. It is the rage within. Julia Robert had said that Fever is the rage within. It is a very philosophical way of defining the fever. So the movie is also about the rage, one fight’s with himself.

Caterina, since you have worked in Hollywood before and now Bollywood, what is the difference that you find in their work culture?

I am very lucky because in my career I have kept changing countries and have worked all over the place. I have been to US, China and now India but for me when I am in front of camera and the director says Action, there is no limit to it. So there is no country as such. There is just one human being working with another and trying to give life to the words.

Rajeev, Bollywood is talking about romancing Priyanka or Deepika but you went a step ahead romanced a Bond girl, how does it feel?

Yes, definitely, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. There were shocking reactions in the Industry about Rajeev romancing a bond girl. But yes, I am doing that. All my fans have waited for so long and they wanted me to romance someone on screen. So, I guess I am completing all my quota in one film itself.

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