The actress feels that her priorities were slightly different when she signed Phantom or Fitoor

The actress feels that a person should not regret any decision that he/she makes
Her last two films Phantom and Fitoor could not spell magic at the box-office, but Katrina Kaif isn’t disheartened. She’s raring to go. With Baar Baar Dekho, she admits. “I think we all have put our best foot forward. I have tried to give 1,000 per cent to this one.” She is still the same reserved person she always used to be, measuring her words and always saying the right things.

Kala Chashma is getting better reactions than Chikni Chameli. Agree?

To me, it’s hard to see the difference. Kala Chashma is a great track to get. That also, after a long time. Probably after many years, I felt there is a kind of energy in the song. Bosco and I have an amazing equation together and he was one of the first people to push me into dance and get me to do things right. Then, there was Sid… dancing with him in the song was amazing. Those things drove all of us to come up with something really fun, something clutter-breaking..

Phantom and Fitoor didn’t do well at the BO. You think Baar Baar Dekho will break that jinx?

First of all, I don’t think it’s a jinx. I feel, in both those films (Phantom, Fitoor), my concentration was not 100 per cent. My priorities were slightly different at that point in time. I guess I was in a very relaxed space. My focus was not 1,000 per cent like it should have been on a film set. That was also an important lesson for me to learn. If a person takes things for granted or takes it easy, it will always show and the film will obviously suffer. I know I could have done better. Not that I didn’t try, I did. Especially in Fitoor, we all tried a lot. But maybe, I could have tried harder and could have given more.

Given a chance, would you like to see what’s in store for your future?

I would not mind seeing it if I really got a chance.

But if you could go back in time and change something, what would it be?

I don’t think we should regret any decision we make. I think everything you’ve done, as long as you’ve done it being true to yourself, then you should not punish yourself or kick yourself for what you’ve done. If I could tweak anything about myself, it would just be to worry or stress less.

You’re doing back-to-back films with Karan Johar after many years. Why the long wait?

There hasn’t been such a long wait. As actors, the media sometimes reads too much into things. There is no planning as such. You do the scripts that you like and most of the times, it’s a matter of coincidence. There aren’t banners that you choose where you are restricting yourself to working with only a certain banner or person.

You play different ages in the film. What was your first reaction when you saw yourself as a 60-year-old?

We had the best prosthetics team in the world. So I was very happy. We had loads of fun. Playing a 60-year-old was not even an issue. It was not distracting. Nitya (Mehra, director of the film) had done a lot of work with us. We didn’t just walk on to the set trying to execute this film. We had discussions about each phase. We did a lot of look tests to check how we looked. Nitya was very clear about how she saw both our characters at every age, knowing exactly what they would be feeling. That was priceless guidance to have.

Baar Baar Dekho is clashing with Freaky Ali. Comment.

This is the first time anyone has mentioned this to me. I don’t think the clash will affect any of the films because they are two very different films. Had the genre of both the films been the same, that would not be a good idea to clash. Everyone would love to have a solo release, of course. We announced the date a year ago. We obviously could not shift it. I think the producers of Freaky Ali also felt it was a good date for them as well. There’s enough space for everyone.

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