Last year Priyanka Chopra’s second season of Quantico was under scrutiny for having bad TRP ratings. While season 1 was a huge success, the next season failed to receive similar opening and appreciation from critics and viewers alike. We even came across reports of how the show might go off air, leave aside the idea of coming up with the next season. The producers even shifted the entire shooting schedule to New York, thus curtailing cost by 30%. However, things eventually got sorted and Priyanka’s crime thriller got a new lease of life. The makers decided to splurge extra moolah on their crime fiction series with a motive to get it back on track and make it successful like the first season. So was the decision of replacing the showrunner Josh Safran with Code Black‘s Michael Seitzman an intentional move on the part of the makers? Was it a deliberate decision to make changes in the show’s format to achieve the desired results and right all the wrongs?

In an interview to TV guide, Seitzman revealed how viewers will be re-introduced to Quantico‘s characters and how he’s changed the show to reinvigorate it for fans as well as bring in new viewers. When Seitzman was asked if flashbacks will still play a crucial role in the third season, he was quite adamant in saying how the new season will be a sort of reboot instead. He said, “No, not at all. The tone of the show is completely different. In a lot of ways the season is a reboot of the show where we took the elements of the show that were working, the elements that I was interested in launching with, and leaving behind the elements that didn’t fit into that paradigm.” He was pretty clear in stating that things are changed for the better in this new season and they have only retained the ones that actually worked in the previous season. There were also a lot of cast shakeups, like Aunjanue Ellis, Yasmine Al Massriand Pearl Thusi are out, but the show is bringing back Russell Tovey and adding Marlee Matlininto the fray.
He also elaborated on what viewers should expect from this new season. “I’m excited for fans to see the change in tone of the show. We changed the tone dramatically. I think we’ve made a very stylish show, and I think we’ve made a show that looks forward. It feels like the show took… I mean, I’m a fan of the show prior to this year, so this should be taken in that context. I think the show evolved. I think it took a step forward the way all shows should… That’s what we did. I think people are going to see that the tone is different. The music is different. The look of the show is different. The way that we tell the stories is different. The way we deal with timelines and the way we deal with structure is different. The way we deal with characters is different,” he stated.

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