Among the many cinematic crimes that exist in the world, high up among them is that Patrick Stewart has never been cited by the Academy. Despite decades of strong work, he remains one of the most respected actors in the industry never to be nominated for an Oscar. Without question, if you were to ask folks on the street if Stewart had been nominated before, most would assume yes. He has that sort of implicit cache to his name and resume. As good as it already is, that resume now has another sterling credit with Logan, the best film of 2017 so far, featuring Stewart turning in perhaps the year’s best supporting turn to date.

Obviously, Stewart has multiple characters that he’s played time and time again, gaining a following all over the world. He is beloved not just for the role of Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men franchise. He’s also iconic for his portrayal of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation on television and then in a series of Star Trek films. Let us not forget his voice work on television either, where he’s amusing millions. This is an actor almost in a class by himself. That goes without saying. Now, with Logan, he’s upped the game once again. It’s one of his crowning achievements, bar none.

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