Nick Viall dumped Raven Gates on the finale of Season 21 of ‘The Bachelor’ on March 13, but not before letting her give a romantic speech to him. Now Raven has come out totally dissing him, saying she wishes he’d done it sooner.

Before Nick Viall, 36, broke Raven Gates‘ heart on the Bachelor season finale on March 13, he let her gush about how much she loved him — for a while. This definitely stirred up some controversy among fans. But did it bother the 25-year-old contestant herself that Nick had let her give her romantic speech before he told her he was proposing to Vanessa Gates, 29, instead of her? Kinda.

“That was a question that I had for him that was in the back of my mind that I didn’t get to ask him yesterday,” Raven said during a conference call with Us Weekly on March 14, the day after the Bachelor season finale and After the Final Rose special aired. “But I did wonder why he didn’t give me [that] courtesy.”

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