Bobby Deol who was out of the limelight since a long time, gained all the headlines when he confirmed that he will soon go ahead with DJing. Deol who has given several hits in the past garnered all the attention for his comeback as a DJ. The yesteryear star also took to various social networking sites to spread his event details.

Bobby Deol performed his first DJ act at a popular club in Delhi. The masses were very excited to yet again see the 49-year-old star. Well, seems like Bobby’s DJ career has gone for a toss now as the crowd has apparently asked for a refund.

It so happened that Bobby Deol started off the night by playing the signature song from his hit film ‘Gupt’. The glitch occurred when he played the same tune on loop for the entire night. The tickets were available to the masses in advance bookings and the club was full of people.

The tickets for the night cost around 2500 to 4000. The crowd was undoubtedly displeased with the same and demanded the refund from the management. It is said that all this chaos took place after Bobby Deol had already left the premises of the club.

Well, we wonder what Deol has to say about this mess!

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