What’s old is new in fitness trends, an expert says, but that’s fine if it motivates you to move.

CBC News sent reporter Christine Birak to Canfitpro world fitness expo in Toronto to get the skinny on Bollywood-inspired dance moves and other workouts. Watch her check out kickboxing — a combat sport turned into a fitness regimen.

“You’re learning fighting skills, but you’re learning them to get fit, lose weight, develop lean muscle,” said Ross O’Donnell, president of Fitness Kickboxing Canada. “It’s all part of a healthy plan.”

High-intensity boot camps aren’t recommended for newbies, because ankle, knee and shoulder injuries easily happen when movements aren’t executed properly, warned Veronica Jamnik, a health science professor at York University in Toronto.

Dance routines — Bollywood or any hot trend — are a better option, she suggested, because they provide variety. They improve mobility by making you change body positions through a range of motion that help make daily activity easier.

“Primal” routines are another option. These involve prancing around like a wild animal. No expensive gadgets needed.

“Everything is repackaged to sell it,” Jamnik said.

Giving a routine a new name helps to create buzz.

“Someone comes up with it and brings it forward, but this is all just basic calisthenics that people have done for years,” she said. “What’s old is new again, and you know, that’s OK.”

To improve mobility around major joints, Jamnik suggests yoga.

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