Ranveer Singh who recently endorse for the brand Colgate Max Fresh was reported talking about what turns him off.

Ranveer Singh feels his smile is the best facial feature, but someone else’s bad breath is a major put off for him. Ranveer Singh always says that though he is not judgmental about people and he never discriminates between people, he can bear even the body odour as he feels it is a person’s natural smell, but the one thing he can’t bear at all is a bad breath.

Being an ambassador of Colgate Max Fresh Power Freeze, he obviously must be conscious about his own breath. Talking about his own breath he reveals that he diligently brushes his teeth at least four times a day. And he finds it energizing to do so. When at the sets for the shoot and he needs a boost of energy he walks to the corner with a bottle of water and brushes his teeth. Strange, isn’t it?

Ranveer says that he makes sure that his breath is fresh when he interacts with people. As he is endorsing this brand, he hopes that people of every age should be aware and take care of their breath and keep it as refreshing and avoid bad smell.

During the launch event, Ranveer said that when he interacts with females they say that his eyes are small and nose is big but certainly his pleasant smile hides all the flaws.

Ranveer says that smile is the only thing that works for him and we all love it.

He further revealed that he is quite lazy when he wakes up in the morning, but after he brushes his teeth he suddenly gains energy and feels alive.

We can speculate that this is the secret behind Ranveer Singh high voltage performances.

On the work front, Ranveer Singh is filming for Aditya Chopra’s Befikre opposite Vaani Kapoor.

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