The apex court has announced the judgement on the Nirbhaya case. Varun Dhawan and Rishi Kapoor react.
Five years ago, the nation was left in a state of shock after news of Jyoti Singh, who was dubbed Nirbhaya’s (after the incident) rape surfaced. The diabolical incident took place in the capital, where she was brutally raped. She succumbed to her injuries and breathed her last in a Singapore hospital. All the accused were soon taken under custody and the case was fast tracked as it falls under the rarest of rare cases. The verdict on this case has finally been announced. The apex court, while delivering the judgement, said, “The Nirbhaya rape-cum-murder case is rarest of rare case and we are compelled to give extreme punishment to ensure justice. The brutal, barbaric, and demoniacal conduct of the convicts shook the conscience of humanity and they don’t deserve leniency,” the top court said.

Celebrities like Rishi Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Neha Sharma took to Twitter to voice their opinions on the death sentence ordered by the court. In his tweet, Varun said, “Even hanging the 4 criminals is not enough justice but it should serve as a reminder that how India deals with this crime #Nirbhayaverdict” On the other hand, Rishi saluted the court for passing such a judgement but also wrote, “Nirbhaya verdict.Justice prevails.Being in a civil society,in this case,”Public Hanging” was needed to set an example for an everyday menace” Neha pointed at the minor criminal, who served his sentence in the juvenile prison and is walking free. “Justice for #Nirbhaya won’t be complete till the time the ‘juvenile’ Mohd Afroz the most brutal one is roaming free.he shud be hanged first,” she wrote.

There are polarised views to the judgement as many people want the criminals to be tortured before being killed. Ahead of the hearing, Nirbhaya’s father said, “Leave the Supreme Court, even God will not forgive such people. They will be awarded death sentence.” Her mother Asha Devi stated, “Only the death penalty (will do) for culprits now, it should not be denied.” Adding, “We have full faith in the judicial system and I am sure that the Supreme Court will announce death sentence in its verdict for the guilty. I am sure the Supreme Court will give justice to my daughter. This will set an example for the world.”

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