Mira Rajput has often described Shahid Kapoor as a hands on father. She believes that the actor is a doting father and there’s nothing that she would really like to change in him. The couple tied the knot in July 2015 and were blessed with a baby girl next year. Misha, like Taimur, is an internet sensation and her adorable pictures with daddy dearest will melt your heart. Mira even agrees that Misha is closer to her daddy and there’s a strong reason behind it. The first word that she speaks everyday after waking up is ‘daddy’ and there’s a reason why. Shahid and Mira, who were guests on Neha Dhupia’s talk show, BFFs with Vogue, were on a mission to spill all the beans. From Shahid being a control freak in bed, to him being obsessed with shoes, Mira made quite a few revelations. When the star wife was asked to give one parenting advice for her better half, she was pretty clear in her mind.

Mira started her answer being all diplomatic and playing it extremely safe. She said Shahid is a great father and pampers their daughter to the core. In fact, she even revealed that his equation with Misha is exactly like the one she had with her father. It’s like reliving her childhood. But when it comes to advice, she would like to ask Shahid to stop giving Misha all the junk food. According to Mira, Sasha is always willing to give Misha anything she demands, be it chocolates or ice-creams! Anything and anytime she demands, the doting father makes sure she has it within some time. That’s the reason why she’s so fond of her papa. While Mira’s concern is justified, there’s very little that Shahid can really do about it. Being his little princess, Sasha will leave no stone unturned to fulfill her demands.

Later Mira also revealed her hubby’s obsession with shoes and how he is a fanatic. Shahid currently owns around 50-60 pairs of shoes and that’s excluding his white sneakers! Those come in a separate department since he loves them like crazy.

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