When Farhan Akhtar decided to remake Don (1977) with Shah Rukh Khan, it looked like he visualised it as a franchise. It’s been over six years since Don 2: The Chase Continues (2006), and though the filmmaker had dropped major hints about Don 3 in the climax, there has been no development on that front since then. But now the project seems to have been set in motion!


Farhan has developed the script. Says a source, “He had bounced the idea off to SRK, who liked it. Farhan had taken a break from acting and channelised all his energy into developing the script for this film of the Don franchise. He has finally locked the script and things are moving in the right direction.”


While Farhan has directed Don and Don 2, the next installment will also have him starring in it. Reveals a source from the team, “Farhan will also act in this film. He will play a desi top cop to Shah Rukh’s Don. Since a portion of the film will be set in India, Farhan will be seen donning the policeman’s uniform in the film.” Previously, there were talks about him playing Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s role in Raees, but that didn’t materialise then.


In the first two films of the series, Priyanka Chopra played Roma, the Interpol inspector, who is trying to arrest Don. But the new film won’t have PC. Says a source, “The storyline is such that it doesn’t need Priyanka’s character. It’s likely to have a new cast, which will be locked soon.”


While Farhan is busy giving finishing touches to the script, we hear he and SRK plan to bankroll the project mid-next year. Our khabri adds, “SRK will be finishing Salute and then get to this film straight away. It is likely to release in 2020.” We reached out to Farhan, but he chose not to comment.

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