Thank you, Saif and Kareena for making us believe in the institution of marriage
The best love stories are the ones that aren’t scripted and while talking about Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s pyaar ki kahaani, this certainly seems to be true. Not only have they been married for five years now, looking at them together will make you believe in love, marriage, and soulmates, once again. And with the addition of cute little Taimur Ali Khan to the family, they indeed make a strong case for the concept of undying love.

While their affair, when it began during their first film together, made headlines, they couldn’t care less about the wagging tongues. The manner in which Saif professed his love, by tattooing her name on his arm, would make any girl, worth her fairytales, swoon in joy, and no wonder that Kareena was swept away too. What followed soon after was a grand wedding, with festivities spread over days and between two cities. But with the wedding, reception, and media greeting over too, the world just couldn’t have enough of the couple that looked so good together. And the couple, being as savvy as they are, kept making appearances together. In fact, going through the pictures, we found out that they have a favourite pose too, where Kareena is seen linking hands with her husband and leaning onto him a little. While we are well aware of how fiercely independent she is, it is so endearing to see that she looks at him for support and encouragement. And Saif, being the gentleman that he is, is always there for her, letting her shine in the limelight and take centre stage. No wonder they are one of our most favourite couples!
This Monday, on Saif-Kareena’s 5th wedding anniversary, let’s take a look at five pictures of the couple that makes us believe in candyfloss romances, candy-sweet relationships, and fairytale lives…

This picture of them, immediately after their wedding, sums up their relationship. With his grumpy face, Saif is being his usual funny self, while Kareena, amused by his antics, is all smiles. Also, that tattoo speaks volumes, doesn’t it?
Only a few years later, at Saif’s sister, Soha Ali Khan’s wedding, the duo was colour-coordinated and looked like a dream together. In the muted, pastel colours, they managed to ensure that the focus remained on the bride and her groom, while still making a statement and a rather elegant one at that.
Oh, don’t they make the perfect couple! While the denims remain a common factor, Kareena’s classy white off-shoulder striped top and Saif’s funny T-shirt are in complete contrast. Just like their clothes, the couple seems to be making the best of their similarities while also flaunting their differences. We love!
This is, by far, our favourite picture. How happy does Kareena look, leaning on her husband’s shoulders? This should be hint enough for the men who want to keep their women happy – be the pillar she can lean on.
While this is a still from a film they did together, we think it is a proper representation of their relationship. Also, did you notice how lovingly he is gazing at her?
Thank you, Saif and Kareena for making us believe in the institution of marriage once again. And, Happy Anniversary!

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