Michael Phelps received a hero’s welcome when the 23-time Olympic gold medalist stopped by ‘The Tonight Show’ Sept. 1, and Jimmy Fallon had plenty of fun in store for him. Unfortunately, it meant getting egg all over his face, literally, in a game of Egg Russian Roulette! You’ve got to see the video!
Michael Phelps, 31, made his first late night TV appearance since his record gold medal haul during the Rio Olympics, and naturally he stopped by The Tonight Show. Host Jimmy Fallon, 41, literally made him get egg all over his face as they played an amazing game of “Egg Russian Roulette,” which was Russian Roulette where a dozen eggs were brought out with eight of them being cardboard and four of them being real.

They then had to smash the eggs onto their foreheads to find out if they were real or fake. Jimmy went with a pair of goggles while Michael didn’t and was clearly nervous. He had reason to be, as the very first egg he picked was real and ended up dripping all over his face! For his next egg, Jimmy was ribbing him on that he wasn’t going to get gold, he was going to get golden yolk! Hah! Poor Michael was so nervous. He picked up the egg, turned away and when asked how he felt muttered, “Sh**” in a fit of laughter. And yet again, the superstar managed to slam another real egg right into his forehead, losing the game. What are the chances?

During his interview, Jimmy had to ask about Michael’s fierce lethal glare before the 200m butterfly. “I was sitting in the ready room and I always know there’s two cameras in the upper corner, and I’m like sitting there spitting water…and as I’m making a face and I’m like yep, that’s on camera. Someone will pick that up tomorrow.” Jimmy then whipped out a cardboard cutout of him doing it and put it next to Michael. He joked how he couldn’t do the interview because, “I’m so freaked out about this dude behind me. Not only is he going to beat me swimming he’s going to murder me!”

Michael gushed about his son Boomer, four months, and how he and fiancee Nicole Johnson, 31, came up with the unusual moniker. “We heard the name and we didn’t want a normal name and she was like it sounds kinda cool. He’s definitely going to be the cool kid.” He mentioned how his runs his son’s Instagram account and it was around 5,000 followers in late June and now he has 660,000. “He’s got to be the most followed baby in the world!” he proudly exclaimed. What a proud papa!

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