The British are coming, the British are coming! Harry Styles’ week-long residency on the ‘Late Late Show’ started off with a bang tonight, May 15, when Harry actually used his stunning looks and charisma to flirt his way past security and kept James Corden from getting onto his own set!
Harry Styles, 23, has been granted a week-long all-access pass to the Late Late Show with James Corden, starting tonight, May 15. His residency has caused such a stir that the show has temporarily changed its name to The Late Late Show with James Corden and Harry Styles. Now, we’re not saying James Corden, 38, should be concerned about being upstaged by the “Sign of the Times” singer, but after what happened during tonight’s first sketch he might have developed an inferiority complex!

When Harry showed up at CBS studios toting his luggage, ready to check in for his residency, the female security guard did not believe he was who he said he was. “Hello, I’m Harry,” he said. “Styles? I’m here for the Late Late Show with James Corden. I’ll be here all week.” “If you’re Harry Styles, then I’m Katy Perry,” the security guard said. He continued to try to explain he was Harry, but then she asked where the rest of One Direction was. “I don’t always travel with One Direction. I’m doing a solo thing now,” he explained. “How did that work out for Justin Timberlake?” she said smugly. “Really well actually,” he said confused.

Eventually he got sick of this nonsense and decided to prove he was Harry the best way he knew how — by using his amazing good looks and charisma. Harry dropped his luggage and stared deeply into the security guard’s eyes, smiling flirtatiously while sexy music played. After just one moment of being caught under Harry’s spell she knew he HAD to be Harry and let him in.

Right after that James tried to go onto the set and the security guard asked for his ID, but he didn’t have one. Though he tried to convince her he was the host of the show she didn’t buy it and he attempted to do exactly what Harry had done. Let’s just say he doesn’t have enough “Styles” in him to pull off that move.

After that epic bit, Harry had a great time chatting with James and his guest for the night, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, before taking the stage to give a live performance of his new smash hit “Sign of the Times” while wearing the coolest suit. We cannot wait to see what Harry and James have planned for the rest of Harry’s residency, but we know that “Carpool Karaoke” is coming up on May 18!

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