Kristen Stewart’s platinum blonde locks are gone! The actress just dyed her hair back to its natural brown color, debuting the look while out in Paris. Get the details on her latest hair makeover, ahead, and let us know which color you like best.

Kristen Stewart, 26, is back to being a brunette! The actress, who has been sporting a platinum blonde bob since the spring, decided to switch things up again by dyeing her hair a chocolatey brown hue.

Looking totally relaxed while out in Paris, the Chanel spokesmodel wore her freshly dyed locks slicked back with a pair of sunglasses resting on top of her head. Since she had previously revealed that she decided to go blonde during her break from the big screen, we’re not sure if KStew’s color switch up is for a new role or just a new look for fall.

We love Kristen as a brunette, but the new dark look totally took us by surprise since she recently shared how much she was enjoying her time as a blonde in a behind-the-scenes beauty video she filmed with Chanel. But keeping up with that platinum color was definitely a full-time job (not to mention, super damaging on the hair), so we have a feeling Kristen will enjoy her low-maintenance makeover even more.

And, while KStew has gone back to the dark side, plenty of other celebrities have decided to actually lighten up their look for fall. Zoe Kravitz showed off an icy blonde color just last month, and Lucy Hale celebrated the end of her Pretty Little Liars run by trading in her brunette bob for a blonde ombré lob.





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