Keith Sequeira opens up about his role in Love Ka Hai Intezaar, marriage plans and if Bollywood is on his plate any time soon.

More than an interview, it was a friendly discussion about TV shows and characters. He surely knows how to keep the conversation going. Keith Sequeira, who plays the male lead Madhav Singh, in Star Plus’ Love Ka Hai Intezaar, spoke to BollywoodLife exclusively about his role in the show, marriage plans and if Bollywood is on his plate any time soon. The ‘interview’ started off by him asking me questions. I could sense a boyish excitement in his tone. The first thing he asked me was if I have seen the show and whether I like it. He was a teeny bit overjoyed when I said I love how the show looks.

When I told him how convincing and charming he looks as a Prince in the show, he said,” That was the idea. My first brief, in fact, with Neena ji, our writer, was exactly what you said. That he going to be a very charming and upright Prince. That was the first introduction and then she spoke about the intensity about the love story because that’s the backbone of the entire series, the drama and whatever is going to happen, their love will be the biggest thing.”

Here are excerpts from our chat.

How is it going so far?

Exceptionally good. On two fronts, firstly the response that people have give to the show and Madhav Singh, it has been amazing for me. It has been a learning curve and very humble experience because so far whatever I have done, be it Bigg Boss or Love Ka Hai Intezaar, I think people have loved it. People have been kind and exceptionally welcoming. On the back end, working with all the actors, Sanjeeda, Sara or Soni ji has been amazing for me in terms of growth because you learn from their experience. I love it. I look forward to it, everyday when I come back home, I keep thinking about how I performed or how I could have made a scene better. Feels good.

After seeing you on Bigg Boss, no one really expected to see you play a fictional character, especially Prince Madhav Singh

A lot of people were quite surprised.

Why Madhav Singh?

When I went and met the writer, she narrated the character to me. I was blown away. What a personality and a complex person to be! He has such a lot of things going on in his life. If you noticed, he is always thinking. He wants to be with Kamini but because he is married and his mother has said a few things, as a mature person how do you deal with this? You also have a wife, you’ve told her you want a divorce since it’s a love-less marriage. He has been with Vijaylaxmi for years, he respects her a lot but there is this emptiness because there is no love. In fact, even the marriage was an arranged one where he wasn’t certain till the last moment.

Your onscreen chemistry with Sanjeeda is damn romantic, how’s it like off-screen?

We have that connection. I think she is an amazing lady and a wonderful human being. For both of us, I think that really worked. You need to trust the person you’re working with and that’s there between us. So it has become easier for us. Some people take months and years to form that kind of chemistry onscreen. I think it’s also because our partners trust us because otherwise it would have been difficult. I know Aamir, Rochelle also knows Aamir and Sanjeeda, so we are quite comfortable with each other. That insecurity and immaturity is not there.

Do you think the show would have gotten a better response if it got an evening slot instead of afternoon?

Better and worst is always a judgement. You see the end product. Even if you air it in the evening, it will work because it is something you want to watch. It’s the way its looking and if the story is that powerful including the chemistry, acting and good-looking actors. The channel wanted to rejuvenate its afternoon slot like it used to, which is why they decided to come up with a whole new bunch of new shows.

People have been saying that your look in the show is inspired from Fawad Khan in Khoobsurat

Yeah it is inspired by his look. I think he (Fawad) is one of the best looking guys around and he is a good actor also.

There are rumours about a new character in the show who will play your love child after a leap

There is no leap as far as I know because you plan a leap when your show is going to sustain more than 2-3 years. Our show is set in stone for one year. There is not just one but three or four characters but from what I know, she will be Sanjeeda’s sister. This was the brief given to me. Nobody knows her but Sanjeeda says that she is her sister.

You got engaged recently. Picked a wedding date yet?

No, not yet. The problem is very simple that there is no time right now. Rochelle is also aware of that and she is quite happy in her space. She knows that work needs to be given priority sometimes. Next year, maybe.

What does Rochelle have to say about your dazzling onscreen chemistry with Sanjeeda?

She loves it. She was watching a few episodes and she is very happy with the work I’m doing. In fact, sometimes she mocks me asking me why I don’t sing for her and be all romantic for her. But she thinks I do amazing romance onscreen.

What other shows are you looking forward to?

There is this new upcoming show called Aarambh. I am looking forward to that show. It should be a good show. I know Rajniesh well. We have worked together before.

Any Bollywood plans?

Let’s see where life takes me in a year. So far, people are loving my character. I can’t take names but one or two people from the industry like Madhav Singh’s portrayal. So let’s see if anything happens.

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