Kangana Ranaut can shine even in a bad film…. these poll results prove it!
Sometimes you don’t care if the film failed or passed at the box office if you take a liking for an actor/actress in it. And if that person is Kangana Ranaut, it’s not hard to figure out why she is a fan favourite. We did this poll to find out who impressed you with their histronics in the first half of this year and results are out. Kangana Ranaut has won the poll for Rangoon, fair and square!

With 41.12 percent, Kangana has topped the list which proves that despite the film being an utter disappointment, people loved her in it. Finding a single fault in her act in the film is difficult despite being part of such a flawed film. She was simply spectacular. She overshadowed both her co-stars Shahid and Saif Ali Khan without even trying. She played an actress from the 40s who was as badass as she was emotional. Bollywoodlife’s review too praised her act saying, “There’s not one moment in the entire film that Kangana let’s her character Julia down. She is naive, sweet, vulnerable under her strong demeanour. She is a woman helplessly in love and not ashamed to admit it.” Clearly people found that very appealing.

Anushka takes the second spot but is far behind Kangana. She got 27.14 percent of the votes. Anushka was nominated for Phillauri where she played a ghost haunting a guy for salvation. There are few who liked her act in the film, it seems. Alia Bhatt took the third place which comes as a surprise because she was pretty good in Badrinath Ki Dulhania. Wonder why the audience didn’t like her much.

So it’s Kangana Ranaut who became the queen of the first half of 2017 and proved that she can shine even in a bad film!

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