Forever and always, JB! Looks like Justin Bieber’s sending a subtle message to his fans on Instagram after cancelling the rest of his ‘Purpose World Tour.’ See it here!

Justin Bieber, 23, posted a cryptic photo on Instagram just one day after cancelling the rest of his Purpose World Tour on July 24. He posted a picture of a painting with the world “always” written across it. He didn’t have a caption, but no caption was necessary. His fans began repeating “always” in the comments and added purple heart emojis. One fan, meutiaff, wrote, “ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU.” Another fan, lmfaoyasho, commented, “IMA ALWAYS STAY W YOU.”

He shared the same photo of the painting on his Instagram Story and added the words “just know.” Fans definitely believe the message is for them and that he’s telling them he will “always” love them. He just needs a little bit of a break after working so hard, that’s all. After over nearly 2 years on the road, Justin cancelled the rest of his Purpose World Tour dates on July 24. He released a statement saying that “due to unforeseen circumstances” he had to cancel the remainder of his tour. “Justin loves his fans and hates to disappoint them,” the statement added. He was caught out and out in Santa Monica on July 24 and apologized to his fans who may feel “disappointed and betrayed” by the tour cancellation.

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