Everyone’s talking about Pennywise and the ‘It’ remake, but who’s the man behind terrifying clown? Here’s everything you need to know about Bill Skarsgard!

1. He comes from a very famous family. Bill Skarsgard, 27, is the son of Stellan Skarsgard, 66, who has had notable roles in Good Will Hunting, Thor, the Avengers movies and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. He’s also the younger brother of Alexander Skarsgard, 41, the hunky actor we all know from True Blood and Big Little Lies. Two more of Bill and Alexander’s brothers, Gustaf and Valter, are also actors. Talk about a talented family!

2. He wasn’t the first actor cast as Pennywise in the It remake. Will Poulter, 24, was originally cast as the terrifying clown. The remake was also supposed to be directed by Cary Fukunaga, 40. Cary left the film over creative differences in 2015, and then Will dropped out due to scheduling conflicts. Andres Muschietti, 44, was named the new director. In July 2016, Bill was announced as the new Pennywise.

3. Before It, he was best known for his role on Hemlock Grove. Bill starred on the supernatural Netflix series as Roman Godfrey. The show ran for 3 seasons. He’s also had roles in the third movie in the Divergent series, Allegiant, and Atomic Blonde.

4. It isn’t the only Stephen King adaptation that Bill is taking on. Bill is set to star in the Hulu series Castle Rock, which will be set in the Stephen King, 69, multiverse. The fictional Maine town has been mentioned in a number of Stephen’s books, including Cujo, The Dark Half, It, and Needful Things. He’ll star alongside Jane Levy, 27, Sissy Spacek, 67, Andre Holland, 37, and Melanie Lynskey, 40.

5. He’s Swedish! Bill was born in Vällingby, Sweden. He’s got quite the adorable accent!

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