YouTube musicians Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky AKA Jack & Jack stopped by EXCLUSIVELY to tell us about the deep, emotional inspiration behind their new ‘Gone’ project and their unbreakable bond. Click here to watch.

What a treat! Adorable musical heartthrobs Jack Gilinsky, 20, and Jack Johnson, 21, known affectionately as Jack & Jack by their swarms of fans, stopped by and told us everything we wanted to know about love, friendship, and their new music. But the most interesting part was when they revealed what inspired their new project Gone. “We realized there was this concept behind this roller coaster of a relationship, the arc of a relationship,” explained Jack G. “We thought it would be cool to represent that visually with the video.” Watch the EXCLUSIVE interview, above!

“We can both find inspiration from past relationships,” said Jack J. “We both have gone through that upswing, the arc of a relationship. We both have gone through that. There’s one [song] that deals with falling in love and the beginning butterflies, there’s one that deals with you guys hurting each other, everybody’s had that in their relationships. I think people can find something to relate to no matter what.” See more pics of Jack G, here.

Jack J elaborated on their song “Hurt People.” “It’s very true. When you’re hurt, you take it out on somebody else, that’s how your energy is, that’s how energy works in life.” Jack G agreed, saying “yeah, you might not want to hurt that other person, but it’s just like where you are in that moment, you don’t even realize you’re doing it because it happened to you another time. It’s just kind of a vicious cycle.” Luckily, no matter what happens in their relationships, this talented duo will ALWAYS have each other.

“I’ve always felt the exact same towards Jack J, you know I feel like he’s always been right by my side and I’ve known that, It was never a question in my mind,” said Jack G. “That is my best friend and I know for a fact he’s always going to have my back. I have the utmost respect for him.” Jack J feels just as affectionate toward his longtime bro. “Jack and I have been best friends for 16 years. I know who he is as a person at the end of the day.” Make sure to watch the entire interview, above!

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