We can’t keep up with Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin! The latest report claims that they’re putting off a wedding until a prenup is signed, despite contrary reports that say they’re already married and  didn’t sign a prenup at all.

The confusion continues! Despite several reports saying that Justin Bieber,24, and Hailey Baldwin, 21, are already legally married, TMZ is standing by their source, who claims that the pair has yet to make their marriage official. Now, the site reports that they’re waiting until a prenup is hashed out to tie the knot. Justin has reportedly been “counseled” to get a prenup, with those close to him reportedly letting him know that “it would be insane” not to, according to TMZ. Whoever is giving him the advice apparently got through to him, and he’s lawyered up to get his affairs in order.

This new report comes about a week after The Sun claimed that Justin and Hailey did NOT sign a prenup after legally getting married in a courthouse. However, TMZ‘s source is insistent that, while Justin and Hailey DID pick up a marriage license when they were photographed at the courthouse in NYC, they did not make anything official with a judge. Since Justin is worth a significant amount more than Hailey, it would obviously not be in his best interest to marry her without a legal arrangement set in place.

IF Justin and Hailey got married and didn’t sign a prenup, and then things don’t work out, “he would need to part with half of the assets acquired during the marriage and before the date of separation,” family lawyer, Kelly Chang Rickert, told. Justin and Hailey have not commented on this themselves.

However, Hailey did take to Twitter to say that she is “not married” yet after initial reports broke that she and Justin legally tied the knot. Still, news outlets like E!  and People say that Justin and Hailey simply won’t consider themselves married until they have an official wedding. Now, fans are anxiously waiting for that day to come.

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