Jose Fernandez revealed he was expecting a baby with an unnamed woman just days before his death, whom was presumed to be his longtime love Carla Mendoza. But a shocking new report says that Jose had broken up with Carla earlier this year for the woman who is now carrying his child. Get the details on the new GF here.
As pictures from last September prove, Jose was dating Carla at one point, which is seemingly what led to the assumption that she was the pregnant girl in the picture he posted on Sept. 20. It turns out, though, that the woman in the photo is actually a 24-year-old woman named Maria Arias, whom Jose met through a friend’s wife earlier this year, according to Daily Mail. The Miami Marlins pitcher was engaged to Carla, who he had been with for three years, at the time, but broke things off to begin dating Maria. Her family told the outlet that she became pregnant within weeks of dating Jose.

“She is due in February and they were living together in his apartment in downtown Miami,” Magaly Junco, who is married to Maria’s cousin, revealed. “They were very excited about having a baby.”

When Jose shared the picture of Maria, he didn’t tag her or mention any name, but it was clear that he adored her. Although he’d apparently only been with her for a few months, he declared to the world that he wasn’t only “so glad” that Maria was in his life, but that he was ready for the “journey” of having a baby with her — making his tragic death even more heartbreaking.

Magaly revealed that Jose and Maria (who declined to comment to DM via text message) are having a baby girl, and that he wanted to name her Penelope. It’s unclear what Maria will do now that Jose is gone, but a lawyer explained to EXCLUSIVELY that the baby could inherit Jose’s entire $6 million estate.

As for Carla, her mother, Maria Lourdes Reyes, told Daily Mail that her daughter was just as devastated about Jose’s death as she was when he broke off their engagement. Her grandmother Carlota Mendoza added that he was “a very good man,” making it hard for Carla’s whole family to cope with his loss. Because of the close relationship Jose and Carla once had, both Maria and Carla were at Jose’s mother’s house after his death. Clearly he meant a lot to everyone in his life, no matter the history.

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