Oh my God, they’re back again! We absolutely lost our minds when the Backstreet Boys showed up for a surprise performance on ‘The Late Late Show,’ which became all the more epic because James Corden jumped in on the fully choreographed ‘Everybody.’ Check out the amazing clip!
We totally fangirled on Sept. 27 when James Corden had a surprise guest on the Late Late Show. Okay, five surprise guests, A. J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, and Brian Littrell! But before he brought them out for an epic performance of their classic “Everybody,” (which he crashed!) he of course had to build up the suspension.

“I care about this maybe more than anything else on the planet, because we’re bringing back boy bands,” James said while discussing things he wished were in and out of style. “I’m talking proper boy bands, five guys together. I’m talking about the cute one, the funny one, the nice one, the other one, and the maverick who refused to play by the rules, all living together in some weird mansion in Orlando.” Okay, at this point we could totally tell James was building up to something epic.

“I want to bring boy bands back and I want it to happen right now. So let’s bring back the top selling boy band of all time, the Backstreet Boys,” James said, and with that the screen panned to the five guys who made our hearts flutter back in the ’90s, standing in the dark, as the music began to rise and the audience totally flipped out. “Backstreet’s back, alright!” they shouted in unison. Then the lights came on and A.J. sang “Oh my God, we’re back again!” and they were off! OMG, we almost fainted.

But we didn’t just enjoy the performance because of how sexy the guys looked in their black and white ensembles. No, what made everything absolutely perfect was when James himself came out in the middle of the song and joined in, totally holding his own in the extremely well choreographed dance. The entire performance was absolutely amazing, and we were so glad we tuned in to see it. Also, who knew James had some serious pipes and could “rock his body right”?

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