Here’s a bit of a curveball on what has become one of Los Angeles’s most tight-lipped restaurant projects: Jay Z and Beyoncé are reportedly involved at the Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield project taking place at the former Cat & Fiddle in Hollywood.

At first blush the news seems pretty out there, but the Carter couple actually has a long history with Friedman and Bloomfield projects back in New York City. Add in their relocation to Los Angeles and the dots are easier to connect. Still, this recent report from The Inquisitr lists them as major players in the project, calling it part of their “culinary vision.”

What’s more, the Inquisitr report notes that the group is currently looking for a chef to lead the project. The most recently rumored lead for the kitchen there was none other than Chad Colby of Chi Spacca fame, but Eater has confirmed that he is no longer attached to the project and will instead be following his own path in the future.

So how much are Jay and Bey going to be involved with the still-unnamed Hollywood project? That remains to be seen. Eater reached out to Friedman and Jay but both declined to discuss the issue. Regardless, the restaurant is looking pretty close to completion, and will doubtless become yet another shining star in the white hot Hollywood dining market.

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