Once upon a midnight dreary, while we pondered, weak and weary…what’s really going on behind the scenes in Hollywood?

That’s because no matter how good a source is, no matter how deep a reporter digs, no matter how iron-clad insider access is, there are parts of Hollywood that remain unseen to everyone. There are cogs in the wheel so tiny that they can’t be seen by the naked, mortal eye. There are machinations that are far more complicated than the rest of us can comprehend.

If this sounds like a conspiracy theorists analysis of the Russian influence on the United States election, that’s because it kind of is. Nobody loves a good conspiracy theory more than Tinseltown, and its golden streets are lined with beautiful people wearing tinfoil hats. Including us here at E! News.
We have our limits, of course. There are plenty of celebrity stories that are clear-cut, hard and fast, easy for us to translate into the truth. But there are others that plague us. That keep us up at night. That, left unexplained, will prevent us from ever really feeling at peace.

The reason that these mysteries remain so, well, mysterious is that there are several competing arguments surrounding the “real” story. It’s even more complicated than a conspiracy theory, because there are several theories. We’re not so much in the business of outing whistleblowers, so what we’re going to do is simply lay out these mysteries and let you, the reader, decide which explanation is most settling (or, rather, the least unsettling) to you.

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