Iggy Azalea’s waist-to-hip ratio in her latest Instagram picture shook fans so much, they’re hailing her their ‘thicky queen’! And find out the surprise location she posted the photo from, here.

Iggy Azalea, 28, blessed our Instagram feeds with yet another sexy picture on Nov. 7! The “Mo Bounce” rapper dressed her curves in the most figure-flattering jumpsuit you could imagine, and one fan said what we were all thinking — “There’s really no way you’re this fuego.” Seriously! Other Iggy stans joined the hype, with comments like “Damn waist snatched” and “Hips dont lie👀.” Iggy’s comments section was like a broken record, as another fan wrote, “Those hips tho…. sheesh.” But Iggy’s curves weren’t the only surprise in this post — fans took notice of her location tag!

Iggy Azalea shows under-boob in a sexy beige bikini. 

The blonde beauty uploaded her glamour shot from Seattle, Washington — the same city where her new boyfriend, Playboi Carti, 22, had a concert on Nov. 6! The pair have been dating since September, and given how fresh this relationship is, fans were thrilled that Iggy already appears to be tagging along for his away concerts. “SHE CAME WITH PLAYBOI CARTI OMG,” one thrilled fan speculated. Another commented, “RELATIONSHIP GOALS SIS TOURING WITH YA MANS YASSS.” As we’ve told you, this rapper duo is getting “serious fast,” according to what a source close to Iggy EXCLUSIVELY told us on Oct. 26! “He’s only 22, but she’s saying he’s way more mature than any of her exes,” our source continued. “She’s fallen hard for him. They’re practically living together lately. She got a house in Atlanta because he lives there part-time and she kept her house in L.A. too. So, they’ve been bouncing around together.”

Iggy Azalea debuts a sultry body chain in a black two-piece. 

With buzz about her body and boyfriend, the Australian native has been wowing her fans these past few weeks! But it was Iggy’s face that instead drew surprise in an Instagram post on Oct. 24. The blonde beauty posed in a Fashion Nova sweater set, but fans couldn’t help but notice that her jawline appeared sharper and lips plumper. “Have you did anything new with your face ? 😲,” one fan commented, and we EXCLUSIVELY spoke to two plastic surgeons to answer that question.

Courtesy of Instagram

Her “fuller lips are likely a hyaluronic acid filler,” Dr. Daniel Barrett, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, told us! And as for the rest of her face, she may have had a “lower cheek [or] jaw filler,” according to Dr. Ryan Neinstein of Neinstein Plastic Surgery. Iggy has already admitted to getting a nose job and boob implants in the past. Hey, if Iggy’s getting that bread, she can glam herself up however she wants.

Iggy Azalea poses on a boat. 

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