Things are definitely heating up again for Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles! After reuniting on Aug. 31, the two got together again for a lunch date five days later…and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other, a new report claims. Get the details here!
Kendall Jenner, 20, and Harry Styles, 22, hit up Food Lab in Los Angeles on Labor Day, Sept. 5, and were reportedly “super touchy-feely” during the outing, according to Entertainment Tonight. This comes just days after their Sept. 1 dinner date at Ysabel, and amidst People magazine’s report that they’re rekindling their on-off relationship.

Even though the supermodel has been linked to A$AP Rocky, 27, and Jordan Clarkson, 24, recently, it’s no secret that she’s always had a soft spot for the One Direction singer. However, it’s been months since we’ve seen them together — although we’ll never forget their makeout sessions and sexy PDA during their New Year’s vacation together earlier this year!

With their respective busy schedules, we can understand why these two never took things to the next level, but now that 1D is on hiatus, that leaves more time for Harry to spend in Los Angeles near Kendall’s home base. However, with New York Fashion Week quickly approaching, we’re expecting the 20-year-old’s arrival in New York any minute now, so it may be some time before she’s back in Cali.

As we previously reported, nothing is serious between these two just yet, and they’re simply enjoying “spending time together” again for now. However, Kendall was reportedly “beaming” during their entire date night last week, according to People, so hopefully that excitement means we’ll see more of the couple together in the near future. Maybe he’ll even support her at NYFW!?!

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