Sarah Hyland was spotted showing off her bare midriff as she was leaving a gym in Toluca Lake, CA on Oct. 10, just hours after she jokingly commented that she looked pregnant in a paparazzi pic.

Sarah Hyland, 27, proved she has a great sense of humor and a great body when she showed off her midriff in a fitness crop top after leaving a gym in Toluca Lake, CA on Oct. 10, just hours after joking she was pregnant. The Modern Family actress went fresh-faced with no makeup for her post-workout look and paired her top with a pair of black leggings. She also sported shades as she wore her long hair down.

Sarah’s fitness outing comes after she commented on an Instagram pic that showed her running errands in Beverly Hills the day before. In the snapshot, she is wearing loose fitting gray sweat pants and a matching top that was bunched at the waist, making it look like she could possibly have a baby bump. “Caught prego by paps,” her lighthearted comment read. Her boyfriend, Wells Adams, later got in on the joke by playfully responding to her comment. “So, this is how I find out?,” he asked. “I thought you would think it’s cute!,” she responded. “Can we just not do some basic a** gender party?”, he jokingly continued. “We have to,” Sarah answered. “We’ll call it the softest gender reveal party ever.”

Sarah’s ability to laugh at herself is pretty admirable considering all she’s been through in the past few years. The young star underwent a kidney transplant back in 2012 and has been working hard to stay confident with her body. She recently took to Instagram to post a bikini selfie that showed off her abdomen scar from the transplant. Although most of the replies were kind, there were some trolls who criticized Sarah’s thin frame, including one who told her to “eat a doughnut.” Luckily, Wells came to her defense by telling the follower to “eat s**t.”


We’re glad Sarah’s feeling good about herself and we wish her a lot of health and happiness now and in the future!

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