Has Shhuddhi been rebranded as Rannbhoomi? Well, we have all the exclusive details, so read on!

Varun Dhawan, Shashank Khaitan and Karan Johar made a huge announcement a few days back that they are coming together for a major film. Titled Rannbhoomi, the revenge drama is all set to release during Diwali 2020. With not much known about the project, reports started doing the rounds that Dharma Productions have rebranded Shhuddhi as Rannbhoomi. Some people even went on to make stories about the similarities between the two projects. However, we can exclusively tell you that Rannbhoomi is NOT a revival of Shhuddhi. And here’s why we say so!

First of all, Shhuddhi was a reincarnation story of two characters, who meet in different eras. Rannbhoomi, on the other hand, is a revenge drama with Varun’s character being the central focus of the film. In fact, not only are the stories different, the directors are too. Shhuddhi was Karan Malhotra’s brainchild, while Rannbhoomi is Shashank Khaitan’s original story! A source close to Dharma Productions also clarified to us exclusively, “The reports that Rannbhoomi is similar to Shhuddhi are absolutely false. Rannbhoomi is a fresh script that Shashank Khaitan has written. He had written the whole story keeping Varun in mind and it has no elements of Shhuddhi.”

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