Are you impressed by Deepika Padukone’s risque fashion statement on day 1 of Cannes Film Festival? Well, it is credited to her stylist Elizabeth Saltzman, who managed to put together such a gorgeous look. It was safe and bold at the same time. Quite a lot like the outfit she chose. As you can see, the Marchesa wine hued gown has the potent of being dangerously sexy. You see the subtle butt show? We noticed it and we think its very brave of the diva to opt for such a daring look. And you know what? It also reminds us a lot of supermodel Kendall Jenner’s Met Gaala gown. The dropdead HOT look of Kendall at the Met Gala this year stole the limelight because of it’s sexiness. Perhaps Deepika’s Marchesa gown has drawn quite a bit of inspiration from this look donned by the supermodel. You see, the sheer butt says it all!

Vogue India posted a chunk of their interview on Instagram where DP’s stylist opened up about the look saying, “It’s a little naughty this dress because even though you are showing nothing, you are showing everything.” That would be the perfect way of explaining this look. “We put this dress on hold the minute the Marchesa fashion show was over. The colours are extraordinary, not just the rich plum but also the green. The morning after the Met Ball, Georgina Chapman, Deepika Padukone and I did a quick fitting. It has a wow factor that is important for Cannes. The dress is not too much, it’s not too little, it’s not overpowering, she can get in and out of the car, she can have fun in it, she is so excited to be here.”

We have pics that prove DP’s bold move is all thanks to Kendall Jenner’s Met Gala avatar. Check out the pics below and see it for yourself.

Saltzman does make sense as the outfit does have this air about itself. It can be played around very well. Deepika can look (and she did) pretty and sexy at the same time with the gown. Still in the hopes though, that she would do something extraordinary with her hair one day. Don’t you think a twist of waterfall braid or something elegant with the hair would’ve left a lasting impact? On the other hand, we think Kendall’s hair worked phenomenally with her ensemble. She looks lovely while her outfit is too sultry! A very balanced look, after all. Anyway, you can check out their looks below.

Sexy and naughty, don’t you think? Tell us your thoughts on Deepika Padukone’s look at the Cannes red carpet in a sheer Marchesa gown. Write to us in the comments box below. Stay tuned to this space for updates on her latest fashion outings…


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