Aamir Khan can create records in foreign land also. He just needs a Dangal for that.

Trust only Aamir Khan to create records in a foreign land and that too in China. It’s unbelievable how Dangal is performing there. Masses’ massive liking for their Uncle Khan or Uncle Aamir has translated in unprecedented earnings in our neighbouring country. Nobody ever envisioned an Indian film creating such records in China of all places. The country has only recently started accepting more Indian films and Dangal has already managed to make a lot of money out of it. We told you as to why China is crushing on this wrestling drama. The skewed boy-to-girl ratio in both India and China has become the common thread which seems to have worked in the film’s favour there. No wonder people in China are lapping it up even now. Dangal will earn even more because reports suggest that there are no big releases this weekend. But before it adds some more records to its kitty, here are the five important ones that you must know about. Mind you, all this has been accumulated in a foreign land and not India.

Dangal released in over 7000 screens in China, which is a first for any Indian film. PK only had half of that number and yet managed to earn somewhere around Rs 140 crore there. The huge numbers of screens is also one of the reasons behind Dangal’s stupendous success in China. But content is what people are raving the most about.

Highest opening day for an Indian film

By earning Rs 13.19 crore, Dangal managed to earn the highest first day numbers for the film.

Highest grossing Indian movie

As of now Dangal has earned a whopping 446 crore + at the box office and is gearing up to attain the Rs 450 crore mark soon. Now it is the highest grossing Indian movie in China. It earned Rs 200 crore in just one week.

First Hindi film to earn more in China than India

Dangal had made a lot of money in India as well and its lifetime collection rounded off to Rs 387.36 crore. The film is racing towards Rs 450 in China. Yes, that did happen!

Aamir Khan is perhaps the only Bollywood actor who has such a huge fan following in China. Only he can make something like that happen!

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