Anna Faris shocked the world — as well as ex Chris Pratt — by moving on with a new boyfriend, her ‘Overboard’ cinematographer Michael Barrett. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on how the actor is so hurt.

Wow! Anna Faris, 40, sure didn’t waste any time moving from husband of eight years Chris Pratt, 38. The Mom star is now dating her Overboard reboot cinematographer Michael Barrett, 47, who she worked with last winter. Now the Guardians of the Galaxy superstar is wondering if their romance started building before the Hollywood’s cutest couple announced their separation on Aug. 6. “Chris is having a difficult time trying to figure out the timing of Anna’s new relationship with Mike. Chris knows Anna met him a while ago, but when they may have started hooking up, Chris doesn’t really want to think about.
“The last few months have been really hard on Chris. He doesn’t know what really happened with Anna or how exactly things fell apart, but they did. One thing he is certain of is that he is still very heartbroken. He thought he was going to be with Anna forever and now that is not happening,” our insider adds. Anna moved on FAST, as TMZ reported on Oct. 18 that just a month after her split from Chris, she was seen canoodling with Michael at Malibu’s famous Neptune’s Net roadside diner in September. Click here for pics of Chris and Anna in happier times.

Anna and Michael have been out on several dates at the same Pacific Palisades restaurant over the past week, and as we EXCLUSIVELY told you, she is way into him. “Anna and Michael were incredibly close and cozy with each other. They were very incognito and kept a pretty low profile. She was really at ease with him and looked comfortable around him almost like they had gone on many dates before. Anna laughed a lot and always had a smile on her face,” a source told us about their Palisades date. “She was glowing while they sat on the patio and ate dinner and it absolutely looked like they were on a date. He was very much into her and they shared a bottle of wine. He was a consummate gentleman as he even scooped her food into her to-go box for her. It was really cute.” Poor Chris! He’s still hurting over their marriage going south to date anyone new.

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