YASSS BRUNO MARS! The sexy crooner dropped a hot new song on Oct. 6, and it came complete with a flashy music video! Believe us, you’re about to have ’24k Magic’ stuck in your head FOREVER! Check it out, right here.

We’ve come to expect only the catchiest of jams from Bruno Mars, 30, and his new single “24k Magic” DEFINITELY didn’t disappoint! The new song came fully equipped with an epic video showing Bruno living the high life on a private jet and partying in a fancy mansion, and it’s everything we’ve been hoping for since “Uptown Funk” came out in 2014!

Bruno announced the new single on Oct. 3 saying “Excited to announce 24k Magic, out this Friday!! You can call it my first single, but I call it the invitation to the party.” Yeah, this jam is DEFINITELY a party! However, he also gave his fans a mini heart attack right before he released it. “Ugghh..About that single tonight,” he tweeted, hours before the scheduled drop. “Been a rough week, exhausted. Also, gotta pick a friend up from the airport early tmrw. Rain check???” Luckily, he followed it up with “NAH F*CK THAT! Not only am I droppin the single tonight, imma show y’all the album cover too!! #24KMagic.” You got us, Bruno!

Bruno has definitely kept his fans waiting for new music. His last solo album Unorthodox Jukebox featuring the smash hits “Locked Out Of Heaven” and “Treasure” came out all the way back in 2012 (we know, if definitely doesn’t feel like FOUR YEARS have passed), and his monster hit with Mark Ronson “Uptown Funk hit the airwaves two years ago in 2014. It was high time that Bruno gave us something new to dance to!

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