Just days before robbers snatched Kim Kardashian’s $4 million ring from her, she talked ALL about it in a radio interview with Andy Cohen. Find out why Kanye West gave her the sparkler and how he surprised her with it here!
When Kim Kardashian, 35, told Andy Cohen about her massive diamond ring from Kanye West, 39, on Sept. 27, the very same day she left NYC for Paris Fashion Week, she had no idea it would be stolen just days later. During the interview, she was super excited about the expensive gift from her husband, and dished all about why and how he gave it to her.

“I was sleeping and he woke me up in the middle of the night and said, ‘Babe, babe, I got you something from Adidas,’ and I said, ‘I’ll get the shoes in the morning, babe, I’m sleeping.’” Kim explained on Andy’s radio show. “So he put a box on my pillow, a Lorraine Schwartz box, and he goes, ‘No open your eyes!’ And I open my eyes and it was a box, and I was like — I WOKE UP, like ‘What is this?’ And he’s like, ‘Well, you know I just did that big Adidas deal, so I got you something from Adidas,’ and he engraved Adidas in the band inside because he’s funny like that.”

Leave it to Kanye West to give his wife a $4 million gift because of a deal he inked — LOL! The reality star has been proudly flaunting the sparkler since August, but unfortunately, that might’ve been her downfall…because the robbers reportedly asked her for it specifically when they attacked her in Paris.

Obviously, the 35-year-old’s safety is far more important that her jewelry that got stolen, although Kanye is reportedly already planning on buying her a replacement once everything settles down. Meanwhile, the robbers still haven’t been caught or identified, although the police reportedly have good leads.

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