Bigg Boss 11 is, without a doubt, one of the biggest mistakes of Hina Khan’s life. The actress quit Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai after eight years and participated in Khatron Ke Khiladi 8 to shed her sanskari bahu image. Well, she should have ideally stopped at that. The thing about the Indian audience and her fans is that they were in love with Akshara so much that they wanted to see a glimpse of her in Hina. Bigg Boss 11 was a shocker for Hina’s fans more than anything else and it started since the first week itself. Even TV celebs are shocked and disappointed with her.

When Hina entered the show, a lot of us thought she will be one of those strong women who stand by the term ‘Girl Power’ but Hina used it quite conveniently to either support her ‘friends’ in the house or to save herself. The actress, who was just one show old before she signed up for Khatron Ke Khiladi, is now being labelled as ‘Reality Show Queen’. Well, if she isn’t yet, then she is on the road to being one. Not that we have anything against her. She might be a delight to be with in real life but she is not at all a pleasant person to watch on national television.
It’s not just us but a lot of Hina fans are also tweeting and saying how disappointed they are in the actress. One of the main reasons why the audience is upset with Hina is because of the rate at which she contradicts herself and her own opinion. Just recently, Hina had a row with Shilpa Shinde about wasting a paratha. Instead of apologising and being grateful to Shilpa for the food, she threw a fit about it. Even though she left the pieces of parathas for birds outside, her fight with Shilpa could have been avoided quite gracefully. Later on, when Puneesh Sharma threw Akash Dadlani’s eggs in a fight, she kept telling Priyank Sharma how he insulted food and she would never support it.

Hina claims to stand up against everything wrong that has been said against women but never made an attempt to stop Priyank when he body-shamed Arshi Khan and Shilpa. Hina has been losing fans with every episode and not gracefully. Hina made it very clear before entering the show that she doesn’t want to be known for her onscreen bahu image. She made a good impression on fans with Khatron Ke Khiladi but messed everything up with Bigg Boss. Even we’re confused as to what example she wants to set through the show.

All we see Hina doing is questioning people’s character, letting her friends make insensitive comments, throwing unnecessary tantrums, being ungrateful and unfair, the list can go on and on. We’re not sure if she actually knows how she will look on national television with such antics. Hiten Tejwani is also a very popular celebrity but we see him playing the game with dignity and grace. He knows what’s at stake for him and he is playing the game without hurting his fans.

We can’t even think of what shows Hina will be offered after she gets out of Bigg Boss 11. Our biggest guess is more reality shows since she won’t agree to play a negative role on television and fans do not see her as the sanskari bahu anymore. We feel the actress will have to do major brand rebuilding once she comes out of the house.

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