Oh…my…goodness! Caila proved on ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Aug. 22 that she is an absolute wreck when it comes to making a decision. She changed her mind a grand total of four times before finally deciding on a date, and it was truly excruciating to watch.

Good grief! Caila Quinn, 24, proved why she would have made the worst Bachelorette in history with her total flip-flopping between Jared and Brett, this girl just can’t make up her mind! After she had a great date with Jared on the Aug. 15 episode, things were looking good between them until Brett walked in and as Evan so succinctly described it, “flipped the switch on Jared.” Brett walked in and asked Caila to go on a date, to which the smiling software rep immediately responded “Sure, I’d love to,” with a giant grin across her face. Even though Jared was RIGHT THERE!

She asked if she could talk to Jared first and they headed out of the cabana and he told her how he didn’t want to go on the date and would rather she stay there and hang out with him. Caila then agreed to stay, saying that’s what she wanted to do and gave Jared a big ‘ol kiss! But that wasn’t the end of things.

He asked her if she thought she should stay or truly deeply wanted to stay. She then said she felt unsure about them, so Jared encouraged her to go on the date then, and agreed she should go out with Brett. For your scorecard, in a matter in minutes she accepted Brett’s date, decided to turn him down to stay with Jared, then decided to go out with Brett after all. Yes, your mind should be spinning right now but it’s about to get worse.

She returned to the cabana and told Brett that she might stay there, implying no date for him but asked him to go for a walk. She told him, “Let’s go on this date, I want to go on this date,” and started walking up the steps before turning to tell him, “Wait, no, I’m so sorry, I don’t think I’m going to go, I’m going to stay.” Even Brett in his confessional was stunned by the amount of flip-flopping she did about the simple task of going on a date.

Now that we got to see first hand Caila’s complete inability to make a decision and stick to it, it suddenly makes sense why there were reports she was cast as The Bachelorette but producers cut her and gave the title to JoJo Fletcher, 25, instead. Wise move. Can you imagine how long those rose ceremonies would have taken if Caila had to decide on sending guys home each week? Viewers on the Twittersphere agreed that Bachelor Nation dodged a bullet on her being The Bachelorette.

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