September 13 may be the most important day ever for the remaining ‘America’s Got Talent’ acts, as the finale kicked off with the last performances before America decides the winner for the 2016 season. Grace VanderWaal certainly brought her A-game, but did the rest of the acts? Find out with our recap right here!
Sal Valentinetti started out the night with his Frank Sinatra-style crooning, opting for a Sinatra classic “Mack The Knife” instead of covering a newer song like he has in the past. But he did put his own spin on it just before the end by incorporating all the judge’s names. Of course, all four of them absolutely loved it, with Simon Cowell even telling Sal that he may have just upset the whole competition with that performance!

Sofie Dossi brought her contortion to the stage one last time, leaving everyone breathless with the amount of bending and spinning she did. Between doing multiple flips and nearly ascending to the ceiling to finish her performance, Sofie definitely brought her A-game for the finals. Simon thought it was her best performance of the entire season!

Cue the chills on this next one. A cappella group Linkin Bridge sang Charlie Puth‘s “See You Again” and could NOT have sounded better. Their final harmony had everyone on their feet! All of the judges gave them nothing but kind words, making it that much harder for America to decide who deserves to win the most!

Eighth grade opera superstar Laura Bretan sang “O Mio Babbino Caro” and absolutely killed it. While Howie Mandel called it a “million-dollar performance,” Mel B said she could sense the nerves — but then quickly followed up by saying that Laura’s note hitting was spot on. She really couldn’t have finished off with a better vocal performance!

The Clairvoyants were ready to play mind games once more with a mentalist act that they revealed to EXCLUSIVELY they’d never done before. Amelie nailed the first part of the performance, correctly guessing a random audience member’s birthday after detecting that Thommy had pulled out his wallet. They then made things totally crazy by sending Amelie underwater and correctly guessing Simon’s credit card info (no, not all of it)! As Mel B put it, they were mesmerizing and mind-blowing. With or without the AGT crown, there’s no way these guys aren’t going to have a Vegas show of their own after something like that!

After bringing everyone to tears with a touching opening sequence, Brian Justin Crum gave a chilling performance of Michael Jackson‘s “Man In The Mirror.” There were so many unbelievable notes in his version of the song, ending on a note that had jaws on the floor. He definitely gave it his all, and the judges reiterated that with raving reviews!

Tape Face had the weirdness happening all over again, starting out his routine with the William Tell Override and a couple of stuffed horse heads on a stick. Then he brought Mel B up on stage, eventually putting a toilet seat around her neck (which had her fellow judges cracking up), and ending the performance in a way you have to just watch to understand. Howie said, “It’s so stupid, it’s wonderful,” which is a great way to sum Tape Face’s shtick up!

Viktor Kee wowed with his juggling abilities, but this time he did things we’ve never seen from him this season. He incorporated a flaming ball, showed off a little bit of Sofie Dossi-like contortion, and even balanced a ball on his face while rolling around! Simon called it immaculate, and the other judges seemingly agreed!

Magician/NFL player Jon Dorenbos‘ goal for his finale performance was to show America what magic is supposed to be. He did some crazy card shuffling with a pretty deep speech about finding ourselves, making his talent as inspirational as it is magical. As if he didn’t wow everyone enough himself, Simon wowed everyone by saying that we’d be honored to call him the winner of America’s Got Talent. Talk about a big statement!

Probably not to anyone’s surprise, Grace VanderWaal closed out the finale by singing another original song, “Clay.” Although it was another ukulele ditty, holy cow was it awesome. She switched it up from her quiet, slower tunes to an upbeat melody and powerful vocals that left everyone in awe! All the judges could do was gush over Grace, as she really did bring her best for the finals.

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