Here we go again! Yet another young starlet in Hollywood has been accused of culturally appropriating a hair style, and this time it’s none other than the beautiful Vanessa Hudgens. The ‘High School Musical’ actress showed off a new braided look on Oct. 23, and fans are pissed! See their tweets, here.

Uh oh! Vanessa Hudgens, 27, showed off a new look on Oct. 23, flaunting long box braids in a half-updo. The Snapchat had “Yaaas braids” written across is as she posed seductively, smizing at the camera. Though it seems to be a wig, fans immediately began thrashing the actress for culturally appropriating African-American culture.

People rushed to Twitter to explain that Vanessa shouldn’t be wearing a hairstyle (or even a wig) from a culture other than her own. It didn’t help her case that she’s done things like this multiple times before. She got in some hot water for wearing a bindi to a music festival, using face paint, putting feathers in her hair and more in the past, and unfortunately she hasn’t learned from her mistakes.

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