Kim Kardashian, 35, always looks flawless no matter where she goes. Whether it’s a red carpet or just walking around, her makeup is always perfect. Luckily, Kim took to her app, to share with us that she actually does her own makeup.

Kim took to her app,, where she posted a video of herself putting on her own makeup and it’s amazing.

Not only does she show her step-by-step routine, she shared all of the products she uses, and you can shop them all here! Kim said, “I’m always getting asked to live stream my makeup routine, so I finally did it! I was getting ready to go to lunch with Jonathan in Toronto—where we were in town for Kanye’s Saint Pablo tour—and I filmed myself doing my makeup. I swear, I can normally do this entire routine in 5 to 10 minutes, but because I was explaining my process (and Jonathan was distracting me, lol), it took me a little while longer. Watch this video to see how I do my makeup while I’m on the road!”

Kim also gave a little tip to everyone before they start her routine, “To stay organized while I do my makeup, especially since there are so many steps, I always clean and put my brushes away as I go!”

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