‘Quantico’ season 2 started out with quite the bang! Thankfully, Priyanka Chopra spoke to HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY and spilled major spoilers about what’s coming up after that shocking final twist. Plus, is there hope for Alex and Ryan?

So what is Alex’s next move after that ending?
She’s the only one on the outside, and she wasn’t supposed to be there and ended up being there. So she almost literally pulls a John McClane and saving the planet by herself as a lone ranger.

Alex and Ryan are broken up in the flash forward. Do you already know what happened?
Yes [Laughs]. But I can’t tell you. I’ll just say that it’s a roller coaster ride of emotion and it’ll be heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

Alex saw Ryan not break a sweat lying during training. How is the training going to impact their relationship?
I think what does affect her is how easy it is for him to do that. And that was her problem with him in season one. He kept lying to her, and she’s was like, “Why can’t you be true to me?” But he’s actually just doing his job, so that does affect their relationship a lot, especially since they’re both on the same mission. The requirement of the job is to keep secrets from each other, but it does impact their relationship in a big way. As it would to anyone, actually, to keep secrets from each other.

There’s a new boss, Owen, played by Blair Underwood, how is Alex going to be interacting with him versus how she interacted with Liam?
Oh, it’s an extremely different relationship. Alex and Liam got into this whole place where he knew her father, he picked on her because they had a romantic relationship for a second, and he held that against her. She chose Ryan, as you saw in the season finale. But with Owen, it’s a much different relationship. He really is very, very tough on her when she gets into this class because he sees potential in her. That’s the reason he does it, but the way she sees it is that he’s singling her out. But they always have a lot of conflict between the two of them, which relationship really interesting. What is amazing between Alex and Owen in this season as well, Alex is undercover and she is trying to find out about something going down in the CIA. She has to question everyone, including Owen. So it’s very interesting to see because, personally, they have a very interesting relationship going on as a teacher and a student. But at the same time, she’s also investigating everyone that she meets, so it’s a lot of fun to be able to play both of those things.

We were introduced to new recruits in the premiere, so what does this mean for the OGs like Shelby, Caleb and Raina?
We have a lot of the OGs back. I hope does Caleb does come back. There are references to him. There will be a lot of guest stars and a lot of people who will come in and out of the show.

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