Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are all set to tie the knot. Every now and then the two love birds are in news for their split. Even after proclaiming their love for one another Liam and Miley are in the limelight for their rocky relationship. Liam Hemsworth will be seen in the film ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’.

Hemsworth attended the premiere of the film but the surprising fact was that Miley was nowhere to be seen. It was undoubtedly expected that Liam will walk the red carpet of the premiere with Miley but nothing of that sort happened. The handsome star was himself present minus his fiancé.

Miley Cyrus’ absence from the premiere surely sparked many rumors. It was believed that things are not going smooth between the two. Well, reports suggest something different altogether. It is being reported that Liam himself did not want Miley to come to the premiere.

The reason for the stated is that the committed actor wanted everyone to concentrate on the film and not his relationship. Liam Hemsworth did not want his film to get overshadowed by his relationship with Miley. The actor wanted everyone to talk about his film and not his wedding plans!

Fair enough. Both Liam and Miley are happily committed to each other and the two will soon get hitched too!

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