Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris and hubby T.I.’s ex side chick Bernice Burgos awkwardly crossed paths at the BET Hip-Hop Awards over the weekend and it left Tiny feeling ‘vindicated.’

Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 43, and T.I., 38, had an interesting run-in with T.I.’s former side chick Bernice Burgos at the BET Hip-Hop Awards over the weekend and let’s just say it was pretty awkward! “Tiny was hoping for a run-in with Bernice and she got it,” a friend of Tiny’s EXCLUSIVELY told us. “They crossed paths with her backstage and Bernice wouldn’t even make eye contact, it left Tiny feeling so vindicated. Tiny had T.I. right by her side, holding her hand and claiming her. Tiny really enjoyed flaunting her marriage in front of Bernice, it was payback.”

Despite the awkwardness, it turns out the run-in actually went a lot better than it could have a year ago when things between Tiny and T.I. weren’t as good as they are now. “Things have changed a lot for Tiny because a year ago she would have had all kinds of feelings over Bernice being at the same awards show as her,” the friend continued. “She would have been sweating it and trying to go out of her way to make sure that she never crossed paths with her but this past weekend it was the total opposite.”
Tiny’s feelings about Bernice are understandable considering Tiny and T.I.’s marriage has strengthened greatly over the past few months, especially after the rapper released his new album Dime Trap, which features songs about how sorry he is for the troubles he had with his devoted wife. “The biggest reason for Tiny’s newfound feeling of strength in her marriage is definitely T.I.’s new album,” the friend explained. “One of the best parts about him apologizing so publicly is that it put all the side chicks in their place. Tiny knows they’ve all been running their mouths saying that her marriage is over and all that. But T.I. has silenced all those rumors with this new album and that’s given Tiny such relief.”
Another thing that silenced the rumors was the sweet T.I. birthday post Tiny put on her social media last month. The loving reality star showed off a sexy video of her and her hubby looking cozy in a hot tub and added a romantic caption about making new memories with her love. “New memories to go along with 18 yrs of old memories! You already know what’s up with me so I’ll #SayLess Happy 38th birthday to My personal Sex Symbol @troubleman31 Mr. Harris,” the caption read.

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