Sylvester Stallone is definitely one of Hollywood’s more macho and loved actors. His films have inspired an entire generation and his iconic dialogues and performances have won hears everywhere! Well, when such a personality is accused of having stolen, you’d have to pardon us if we did a double take.

One of the most recent reality shows to hit TV sets across America has been ‘Strong’ that is produced by Sylvester Stallone. The show is basically a completion between some of the country’s best physical trainers and their trainees and involved hardcore workouts and even martial arts among other physically grueling challenges. The show that debuted in April however, is now in serious legal trouble.

A trainer named Robert Fletcher has come forward claiming to have had the idea of the show stolen by Stallone and has demanded $7 Million as compensation for the same. Robert claims he had pitched his idea for the show titled “America’ Next Great Trainer” in 2014 to Sly’s agent at William Morris Endeavors and to his publicist as well. He has also added that the premise of his show pitch involved having teams of male trainers and female trainees compete in different physical challenges. For those of you who are not aware, the set up is very similar (if not completely) to the “Strong” structure.

Robert claims that Stallone and his group even snatched one of the trainers, Todd Durkin, who had signed up to participate in “ANGT“. After he signed Stallone’s show, Durkin cut off all communication with Robert in 2015 before suddenly resurfacing when he appeared in “Strong.”

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