Hrithik Roshan’s wardrobe is as colourful as a box of crayons

Bollywood’s very own Greek God, Hrithik Roshan celebrates his 44th birthday today and the reason is enough for us to grin from ear to ear. Hrithik was always been our modern day Prince Charming. Blessed with athletic body frame, perfect facial features, and an infectious persona, HR has all the ability to make a girl go weak in her knees. From making his debut in 2000 till present day, Hrithik has ruled million of hearts and we would lie if we say we aren’t one of them. From being a very good looking actor to someone who redefined the word ‘dapper’ for us, Hrithik’s take on fashion has been commendable. He’s undoubtedly a good dresser but he has never tried to play it safe.
Hrithik Roshan’s red carpet outings have always been a delight and we don’t mind staring at him all day. If you take a God and strip him off his immortality, the result would be our Kaabil star, Hrithik Roshan. Every fashion outing of his – be it casual or red carpet deserve to be bookmarked for they are so classy and oh-so-hot. He isn’t someone who will stick to cliche and avoid experimenting. While he hesitates to try different silhouettes and prefers tuxedos on most of the occasions, he loves to play with his colour palette. Give him the weirdest colour for an attire and he’ll be a game for it. Be it teal blue, purple, maroon or electric blue, Hrithik has them all in his wardrobe and his colourful outings in the past are a proof of it. While we all swoon over Ranveer Singh’s charismatic and daring fashion choices these days, there was Hrithik earlier who loved flaunting his sober personality with a twist. Even our actresses shy at times to opt for some loud and unconventional colours but that’s not the case with Mr Roshan. Give him a colour and he will show you how to wear it. Still unconvinced? Have a look at some of his ‘colourful’ pictures below and then probably you will agree with us.
Black is a happy colour for Hrithik Roshan

When he was literally painting the town ‘red’



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