This fun rapid fire will make you her fan!

Mumbai rains and a hot photoshoot. That’s how I met Great Grand Masti actress Shraddha Das. The actress will be seen playing Aftab Shivdasani’s wife in the their dentry of the hit sex comedy franchise. She is going to be playing, a seedhi saadi housewife, in her own words. But lest she gets typecast in the image, she did a dazzling photoshoot, for a makeover.

We hopped on to the opportunity to be present there, and boy is there a star in the making we see! A rapid fire round was happily welcomed by Shraddha. I offered to give her a sneak peak at the question before the camera started rolling (psst..everyone does that, like you didn’t know) but like a true star she refused and preferred to be spontaneous. We tweaked the Kill, Marry and Hook Up game a little, and called it Masti, Grand Masti and Great Grand Masti instead! The gorgeous lady was all sport to play the game! She entertained us by giving every answer a good thought and finalising one in her head. One thing that we learnt about the diva was that she thinks aloud (Hope she takes this quip of mine as a jest and nothing more). As usual, we gave her a few names from the industry and asked her to make her pick of Kill, Marry and Hook Up. So when time came to pick between Salman, SRK, Aamir for Kill Marry or Hook Up..err.. Masti, Grand Masti and Great Grand Masti, the big Salman fan that Shraddha is, she obviously picked Great Grand Masti with Salman! Guess who she wanted to Kill or should we say, do Masti with by checking out the video attached below!

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