There’s no place like home…unless Kansas is being overrun by sharknados! The fourth installment of the ‘Sharknado’ franchise may be the wildest yet, with some action-packed scenese you won’t believe until you see! Click through for the nine craziest moments of ‘Sharknado: The Fourth Awakens!
1. Shark. Defibrillators.

Yeah, it’s just as messed up as it sounds! During a pivotal moment in the movie, someone (who we’re not naming!) needs to be brought back to life, and the gang just doesn’t have a defibrillator with them in the wild. So what would any resourceful person do? Hook two baby sharks together with wires and spark them up, of course!

2. April Shepard’s Iron Man powers

Seriously, April (Tara Reid) kicked some serious ass in Sharknado 4. The woman lifted a car over her head just because she felt like it, and backflipped over obstacles. She had a few insanely cool gadgets on hand, thanks to Gilbert (David Hasselhoff), that would make even Tony Stark envious. Laser beams, much?

3. Fin’s robotic suit

April isn’t the only Shepard who gets to have some cool accessories. Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering) rocks a machine-like suit reminiscent of the gear Ripley fights with at the end of Aliens. The fact that it can also fly reminds us of Iron Man trying to calm down Hulk in Avengers: Age of Ultron!

4. Sharkberg

Not to be confused with one of the Wahlberg brothers, sharkberg is actually an iceberg composed entirely of a pile of sharks. Seriously.

5. Finn captains the Treasure Island ship

Who knew that the giant pirate ship outside the Treasure Island hotel in Las Vegas was a fully operational boat? When the initial sharknado begins, Las Vegas is massively flooded, leaving no way of escape. Unless you’re crafty, like Fin, and commandeer the super convenient pirate ship in the middle of the strip!

6. Gilbert Gottfried works for the Today show

Who knew that Gilbert had the chops? The comedian had a bit part as the new storm chaser for Today, and he was super excited about his job. The reporter on the road checked in with Al Roker and told him all about the horrific things the storm was brewing — like a cownado?

7. The Shepard family’s shark stunt

Like father, like son! Fin’s five-year-old son Gil (Anthony Rogers) has a tiny chainsaw, and helps his family out when a series of bigger and bigger sharks attack. Each and every Shepard is targeted in a different way, and it’s up to Gil to bring those sharks down! We’ll let you watch to see the outcome!

8. Fill-in-the-blanks Nado

The reason why Astin’s pulse technology has failed is because the sharkandos aren’t just water anymore; they’re taking on crazier and more gruesome forms, like the following: Lavanado, Hailnado, Oilnado, Bouldernado, Firenado, Lightningnado…and Nukenado. You’d be right if you guessed that the last one was the worst!

9. Bye, national landmarks!

If you hear the phrase “we’re gonna have to blow up the Grand Canyon,” you know it’s bad. Seeing a shark go into George Washington’s nose on Mt. Rushmore was pretty hilarious, though.

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