Girls wouldn’t mind dating a geek if he’s Shah Rukh Khan!
Shah Rukh Khan can win million of hearts and make a girl go weak in her knees even today. That dimpled smile and infectious charm of his makes us root for him each day and we wonder if he’s an ideal example of the modern day Prince Charming. Tagged as the King of Romance in Bollywood, SRK has always floored us with the way he romances his actresses on screen and every girl wishes she has a guy just like him in her life. But wait a second, the Raees star’s good looks and popularity are constant even when you see him with his geek mode on. Shah Rukh Khan looks equally desirable in a pair of glasses and girls don’t really mind dating a geek if he’s looks as cute as SRK. And that’s not the fan girl in me talking. His fans and our viewers have voted for him to be crowned as the ‘Geek’ God.
The battle was fought between Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan, Shahid Kapoor and Varun Dhawan. And seems like we have a winner already. SRK managed to beat his contemporaries to emerge as the winner of the poll conducted and we agree with the readers. His aura and charm makes him able to nail any damn look. SRK secured the numero uno position with 37% votes, followed by Salman with 35%. Varun Dhawan secured the third position with 15% votes, followed by Hrithik with 6%, Ranbir, 5 % and lastly Shahid with 2% votes. The results undoubtedly prove how SRK leads the category hands down and there’s no way you can beat him.
Geeks are usually known for being not-so-popular with the opposite sex but if you are as handsome as Shah Rukh Khan, well then you can manage to sweep anyone off their feet. Looking charming even in a geeky avatar is a quality that SRK possesses and the younger lot will take time before getting there. To sum up his big win, all I will say is, He’s ‘spec’sy and he knows it.

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