One of Selena Gomez’s BFF’s posted a photo of the singer wearing a sweartshirt that says ‘choose empathy,’ just as her on-again, off-again Justin Bieber hangs out with a gorgeous model.
Selena Gomez’s pal Anna Collins shared a gorgeous photo of Selena, 25, playing a small guitar, and Selena’s outfit definitely caught our eye. The starlet is wearing a black sweatshirt with the words “choose empathy” written across it. Selena looks happy and content. “Angel,” the the Instagram caption reads. The new photo of Selena was posted just one day after Justin Bieber, 24, got cozy with model Baskin Champion, 22, at a concert in Los Angeles while Selena was vacationing in Australia. Justin and Selena have been on a break lately after having disagreements.

Despite spending time with Baskin, who is the sister of Patrick Schwarzenegger’s girlfriend, Abby Champion, 21, Justin is still crazy about Selena. HollywoodLife learned EXCLUSIVELY that “Justin’s heart is definitely still with Selena. He hasn’t moved on from her yet.” Justin isn’t going to get “serious with anyone but Selena.” Whew, what a relief! Justin and Selena have some so far and have loved each other for so long. They can’t just give up now when it gets a little tough!

But what does Selena’s sweatshirt message mean? Could it be directed towards Justin? The definition of empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. HollywoodLife also found out EXCLUSIVELY from a source close to Selena that singer/actress is headed home from Australia to find out the true state of her relationship with Justin. Selena “still has a lot of things to figure out and she is eager to come home to get clarity on everything” with the “Sorry” singer. Let’s hope Justin and Selena can work things out and get officially back together soon! We all miss those adorable, PDA-filled Jelena dates!

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