Aw shucks! Prince William and Harry shot cameo roles as storm troopers in ‘The Last Jedi,’ but their appearance didn’t make the final cut. We’ve now got their deleted scene!
Prince William, 35, and brother Prince Harry, 33, are massive Star Wars fans so they jumped at the chance to play storm troopers when The Last Jedi filmed in London. It was perfect for them because they could do the cameo but still be covered by the imposing white masks as not to distract from the scene. Sadly, their Hollywood moment didn’t make the final cut and it’s all because of their strapping height. Storm troopers have to be a uniform 5’11” so as to look identical and William is 6’3″ and Harry stands at 6’1″. Thus, they didn’t make the final cut. But now we’re getting treated to their epic scene in a DVD extra!

William and Harry are seen on the left getting off of an elevator along with other storm troopers and it’s clear that it’s the brothers as they tower over the other storm troopers alongside of them. They silently stand imposingly behind actor John Boyega‘s Finn while their pal, actor Tom Hardy appeared with them in the cameo. Rebel Finn is trying to infiltrate a secret base when his cover gets blown by Hardy’s character “926,” who remembered him from storm trooper training.

As 926 menaces Finn he asks, “Is there a a problem soldier?” and 926 replies, “FN-2187? You don’t remember me? I remember you.” Finn nervously asks him “926 please don’t do this,” before a commander intervenes. Then to lighten the mood Hardy jokes about his rank, saying “Look at you, captain!” and gives him a good swat on the butt.

Still, it was an amazing experience for both the princes and the actors on the film, even if their scene didn’t make the final cut of the sci-fi epic. Anthony Daniels, who plays C-3PO told the Mail on Sunday at the Services To Film event in London last week that, “I was very enchanted by them – they are absolutely charismatic.” Now they closest they’ll come to Hollywood is having actress Meghan Markle, 36, marry into the royal family when she weds Harry on May 19.

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